Star Efficiency Services has completed RESNET HERS V3 CAZ Certification.

We are available to provide blower door & duct testing for builders in the Panhandle to comply with 2009 IECC

  On site inspections to ensure that new construction homes pass the 3 ACH Blower Door Requirements

We are also performing the Manual J, D and S that the city has implemented. Call for more information!



With utility costs continuing to rise at an alarming rate, clean energy — solar, wind energy — is the energy source for the future. Wind or solar energy systems are not only responsible – they're smart! Read more to get an in-depth look at the economic value. It will surprise you!

wind energy
Wind Energy

Why use a wind system? Wind generators will lower or eliminate your monthly utility expense. Over a 10 year period a typical homeowner or small business will pay $18,000 to $50,000 in electric bills at rates that often increase faster than inflation. In addition tax credits and rebates make it affordable. What better form of energy than free energy? The use of wind energy is completely free after your initial investment in the necessary equipment used to harness the wind's energy you will never need to pay anything for energy.


Installation of 5k Bergey Wind Turbine in Amarillo, TX



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Solar Energy

Solar energy systems are suited and designed to fit your home or business needs. Just a few panels can power a small portion of your home or appliances or more for your entire home or business. The use of solar energy is completely free after your initial investment in the necessary equipment used to harness the sun's energy. Additionally tax credits and rebates make it even more affordable.

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solar energy

We offer spray foam and loose fill insulation products. To achieve the required standard for building it is more important than ever to make the right decision for insulating your home, shop or business. Spray foam insulation saves energy by stopping unwanted air penetration, providing sound dampening and adding structural strength.

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