Energy Efficiency

Much of the energy consumed in homes is produced by power plants that burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Choosing energy efficient products and services is one of the smartest ways consumers can reduce energy use. Star Efficiency Services is an energy solutions company dedicated to the implementation of energy efficiency standards.

*45% of a households energy costs are a factor of Heating and Cooling. Star Efficiency Services is an Energy Solutions Company that specializes in implementing measures to reduce energy use and thereby provide savings to the utility customer.

These savings can add up. The average American household spends approximately $1,500 per year on energy costs. Thus the average household can save about one-third on their energy bills by participating in energy efficiency programs and by purchasing energy efficient products. If you live in an area with higher than average energy prices or extremes in weather temperatures or if your major appliances are old, chances are your annual bills are even more, and so are the potential savings.

A household that participates in energy efficiency measures can substantially reduce energy cost. Energy efficient products also save money. When we receive our monthly energy bill, many of us think there is little we can do to reduce monthly costs besides adjusting our thermostat. But this is not true! There are solutions that can significantly affect that monthly bill. Star Efficiency Services provides a whole house diagnostic service that identifies areas of loss. Star Efficiency Services will then implement energy efficiency measures to reduce energy use thereby reducing cost to the utility customer.

*Source US Environmental Protection Agency 2006